The Environment


One of the unique selling points of the NIJ is in the structuring of its academic programmes to suit Mass Communication′s peculiar demands. As a demonstration of this commitment, there is a balance between theoretical and practical training of the students.

In addition to rich theoretical content, the institution boasts of an array of laboratories, studios and equipment to enrich the students′ practical application in their areas of study. These studios are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and are manned by experienced and well-educated instructors.


Use of Institution's Property

No student group, association, union, club or society shall make use of any of the institution's property e.g Auditorium, classroom, equipment etc or any part of the premises without obtaining approval of management. Request for the use of the above mentioned property/equipment should be channeled through the Student's Affairs Officer or the respective HODs as the case may be.

Minimum noise level should be maintained during students activities. No alcohol, smoking or fighting is allowed. Chairs, tables, automobiles, erection or digging are not allowed on the football field.

Tampering with or damaging institution's property is strictly prohibited. Any student who cause damage to the property belonging to the institution shall be disciplined and appropriately surcharged.

The institution abhors the existence of secret societies or cults on campus a they remain banned. In other words, it is criminal to belong to secret cult or be in possession of dangerous weapons such as guns, grenade, swords, etc within the campus. The penalty is expulsion or prosecution.

In addition, nocturnal or clandestine meetings are outlawed within or around the campus.