Student Affairs


The Senior Assistant Registrar, Students Affairs is assigned the specific mandate of interfacing the needs and aspirations of the students to the management on one hand and communicating the policies and directives of the Institution to the students on the other.

In building, maintaining and sustaining harmonious relationship and peaceful coexistence on and off the campus, the Institution has in place some interactive forums for all stakeholders.


Each session is heralded by a Parents/Management Interactive Session where the Provost outlines the philosophy and policy of the Institution while calling for a collaborative effort at parenting and training of the students.


Each semester is heralded by Management/students interactive forum, where students are enjoined to freely ask questions, comments and contribute to issues of common concern. It is an open session, with all staff (Management/Academic) and all students present. An open forum for what we term “family talk”.


The Institute boasts of an excellent Management/student relationship, with students having unhindered access to management staff at short or no notice, thus bridging the usual gap that exists between management and students.


Faculty members also have excellent and wonderful working relationships with the students. Students have unhindered access to faculty members, who are not only receptive and attentive but exceptive and relentless in attending to the yearnings and quests of the students.


All of these, put together are responsible for the peaceful and conducive environment germane for scholastic activities that one finds at the NIJ. It is on record that ours is one of the most peaceful Tertiary Institutions in the country, with its programmes uninterrupted by any internal or external crisis for a long time running.