Academic Sessions

The Institution runs a semester course work load using the course credit system, with two semesters forming an academic session. The semester is a period of 15 – 17 weeks.



Students are expected to attend all classes (course work and practical schedules) and other programmes except in cases of emergencies, where due notification is sought and verification of such claims made.



Examinations are held at the end of each semester, while final examinations are held at the end of each session in line with the schedule of programmes and activities approved and ratified by the Academic Board. Only students that fulfill their financial obligations and have a minimum of 70% attendance are allowed to sit for Examination.


Tuition Fees

The Institution is a tuition fee-based Institution, with fees fixed and approved by the Governing Council. The fees charged by the Institution are moderate and are in line with economic realities of running a private support institution; the lowest charged by any private tertiary institution in the country.